No digital strategy is complete without these 5 marketing tools

No digital strategy is complete without these 5 marketing tools

There is an endless number of digital marketing tools available online, which makes picking the right ones really tricky. To make matters even more confusing, content management platforms usually get all the love – but content management only represents a portion of what digital marketers do. That’s why we’re highlighting some of our other favourite tools that help us deliver.

In the long run, the right software will make your workday easier and your digital marketing strategy more successful – and who doesn’t want that?

Keep reading to discover five of our favourite digital marketing tools.

Digital marketing tools

1. Brand24

We all know that social media can make or break your brand – so if you’re faced with online criticism, you need Brand24 to get ahead of the story. Brand24 is a reputation management and social listening tool that sends you notifications when your organization’s name – or the topic you’re interested in – is mentioned online. You can select multiple keywords and hashtags to monitor so you never miss out on another conversation.

2. MailChimp

Well-designed e-newsletters can have a huge impact on the success of your digital strategy. MailChimp is one of the best tools for creating professional email campaigns – and with their pre-built templates, it’s easy to get started.


Social media is a powerful resource for promoting your latest blog posts, and allows you to streamline that process. Once you get your account set up, it will automatically share your latest blog post on your social channels, no effort on your part!

4. Canva

From designing Instagram posts to creating infographics, Canva has endless templates for creating professional-looking visual content – no design skills necessary. You can even upload your brand’s logos, fonts and colour palette for easy access!

5. Asana

Keep track of what everyone on your team is doing, stay on top of deadlines, and never forget a task again with Asana’s easy-to-use project management software. Its clean layout and collaborative capabilities will allow your team to share files, assign tasks and communicate efficiently. Life’s easier when everything you need is in one place!

If you don’t want to invest in these five tools (or you just don’t have the time to master them all), send us a message – we use these platforms every day to help our clients’ digital strategies thrive!

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