Nonprofits: Supercharge your digital strategy for 2020! 

Nonprofits: Supercharge your digital strategy for 2020! 

For a number of years, We Are Social has released a Global Digital Report full of valuable information and statistics. The 2019 report was no different and the Canadian data reinforces how important it is for nonprofits  and associations to be active on digital platforms in 2020.

Looking at the image below, you can see that 91% of all Canadians are Internet users and that 67% of Canadians (or 25 million!) are on social media:

What’s more, the average Canadian spends nearly 6 hours a day on the Internet, with nearly 2 of those hours accounting for social media use:

And a whopping 97% of Canadians had visited or used a social media or messaging service in the past month!

If those figures don’t convince your ED that digital is important, we don’t know what will.

Where are people going?

A quick look at the most popular websites visited by Canadians is also instructive, with Google, YouTube, and Facebook rounding out the top four:

(It also appears that Canadians are more into Pornhub than they are Twitter. And to be honest, Twitter is pretty nasty. No judgement!)

Speaking of Facebook

Every so often, we hear a low grade whispering about Facebook’s untimely demise. As is often the case, reports of that death tend to be greatly exaggerated.

Facebook continues to be the reigning champ for advertising audience in Canada, clocking in at 23 million active users:

And if someone tries to tell you that digital advertising only works on young people, point them in the direction of this graph:

All of which is to say that if your nonprofit isn’t taking its digital planning and budgeting seriously, you’re likely missing a bunch of the people you need to reach.

Okay, I’m convinced. What now?

We also recognize that digital marketing can feel overwhelming for nonprofits and associations. But, just because you’re not a big company with hefty advertising and communications budgets doesn’t mean you can’t leverage your strengths on social media and other digital platforms.

Need help getting there? Communicatto Academy is here to help!

On November 4, spend four-hours with us at the Global Business Centre in Calgary and get everything you need to build an effective online marketing strategy.

Our digital strategy course is perfect for not-for-profits who want to maximize their resources and learn how to:

  • Target your audience(s) with precision
  • Set realistic objectives and KPIs to help you measure what’s working and what’s not
  • Pick the right platforms for your target audiences
  • Lure and engage humans with killer content
  • Set the best media mix to meet your goals
  • Focus on conversions instead of reach (and why you should do that!)
  • Take key steps to take to protect your brand
  • Design and manage an efficient editorial workflow


And just to show you we care (because we do!) nonprofits and associations can get a discount on the course. All you need to do is fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with a discount code!

For more information on our digital strategy course, check out our Eventbrite page:

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