Priming your performance with the updated PESO model

Priming your performance with the updated PESO model

Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks has posted an updated version of the PESO model and it’s got us pretty excited here at Communicatto.

Dietrich introduced the PESO model 8 years ago and wrote about it in her 2014 book Spin Sucks. PESO is a framework for understanding your media mix — the various digital channels available for getting your message out. It has been a cornerstone for how we talk to our clients about delivering their message to a desired audience.

PESO stands for:

  • P — paid media
  • E — earned media
  • S — shared media
  • O — owned media


Those four letters enter literally 99% of our conversations! But as Dietrich noted:

It was created eight years ago, so it was definitely time for a refresh!

We updated the tactics, of course, but more so, we upgraded it so it’s focused on strategy and not so much on tactics.

The tactics are still there, but we took what we’ve learned in the last eight years in implementing this for clients—and teaching it to communicators—and evolved it.

For instance, we added lead generation, search engine optimization, distribution and promotion, and marketing communications.

Influencer marketing now lives between earned and paid.

Email marketing between paid and owned.

Reputation still lives in the middle, but we’ve updated what that looks like when you strategically use an integrated PESO model.

Here’s the new image!


Want some help using the new and improved PESO model to achieve all your organization’s digital marketing goals? Drop me a line to talk about how Communicatto can supercharge your digital strategy!

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