Should your brand prioritize Pinterest marketing?

Should your brand prioritize Pinterest marketing?

You might think of Pinterest as an app for brides-to-be or foodies in search of a new recipe – but that’s not always the case.

Pinterest is a leader in computer vision technology, and it’s also really good at predicting the future. And it also happens to be an incredible vehicle for brand storytelling. No wonder marketers are flocking to the platform.

Having said all that, Pinterest is not a fit for every brand. To find out if you should add it to your social media strategy, keep reading!

What to consider before creating a Pinterest marketing strategy:


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Who uses Pinterest?

While Pinterest used to be geared towards women, men are now one of the platform’s fastest-growing demographics.

Hootsuite reports that, “As of January 2022, Pinterest’s self-service advertising tools identified the female audience at 76.7 percent, the male audience at 15.3 per cent and the remainder as unspecified—that’s about a 1 per cent change since January 2021.”

Age-wise, Pinterest’s user base skews a little young (we’re talking Millennials). But Gen Z is getting into the app too – their demographic is tied with the male demographic for fastest growth. And word to the wise: There’s lots of crossovers between Pinterest users and Instagram users. Did you know that 86.2 per cent of Pinners are also on IG?

Does this sound like your brand’s audience? If you think your target demographics align with Pinterest, you might want to start brainstorming content strategy ideas!

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What kind of content should you create for Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest users are looking for inspiration, products, recipes and practical tips – which is great news for retail brands and food bloggers. But there’s tons of room for other brands (and B2Bs) to get in on the action too.

Ultimately, Pinners seek education. From tutorials to infographics to blog links, this platform is all about sharing knowledge. If your goal is to educate and inform, this could be a good fit.

If you decide to take the leap, get started by creating boards to show off everything from your white papers to case studies. As a highly-visual medium, any content you post on Pinterest also needs to look the part. It might be worth hiring a designer to create your graphics (or track down some great Canva templates at least).

Need a few examples? We love Unbounce’s visual branding. They use Pinterest to promote their blog posts, and it’s hard to resist their ingredible graphics. Same goes for Later. They put a lot of work into creating excellent Reels, and they use Pinterest to share them with an even wider audience!

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Should you advertise on Pinterest?

There’s no denying the appeal of a good Pinterest ad – especially video ads. Users watch about 1 billion Pinterest videosdaily, due in part to the abundance of vertical video ads on the platform.

A well-made Pinterest video ad should feel organic and be visually compelling. But heads-up: Users can turn off the video autoplay feature. Ensure that the first frame of your ad looks great as a still image (so it will still grab attention even with autoplay off).

If you can’t imagine adding Pinterest to your overwhelming social media game plan, it sounds like you could use some help. Get in touch with us to discuss your social media strategy and management needs!

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