Silent videos: a surprising social media trend

Silent videos: a surprising social media trend

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is in production. The Backstreet Boys are topping the charts. Believe it or not, we haven’t travelled back in time to 1998 – this is what’s trending in 2018.

Clearly, everything old is new again. That’s especially apparent on social media, where silent video content dominates.

Take, for example, The Dodo’s animal videos. These low-budget, crowd-sourced videos are audio-optional – yet each video racks up millions of views across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The convenience of silent video content is clear – people can watch whenever, wherever without missing a beat.

Why should you add silent videos to your content strategy? Check out our (silent) video below to find out why.

The power of silent videos:

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Stats in this video come from Digiday and HubSpot.

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