Quiz: How much do you know about slow-loading websites?

Quiz: How much do you know about slow-loading websites?

If there’s one thing people don’t have time for these days, it’s slow-loading websites. After all, this is the age of instant gratification – waiting on a slow site is a thing of the past.

Your website should serve as the foundation of your digital strategy – it’s the hub where your target audience can discover your organization, connect with your brand and maybe even convert (a.k.a. perform actions that align with your organization’s objectives, like sign up for an event or download your whitepaper). However, if your site takes too long to load, it could become more of a detriment than an asset.

Are you turning away traffic – and potential leads – with a slow site? SEMrush recently released their latest stats on common website performance issues and how slow-loading websites affect businesses. Check out their research and then take our quiz below to find out if you’re a web page speed pro or if your organization needs a website overhaul.

Take our quiz on slow-loading websites:

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