Supercharging your social media strategy

Supercharging your social media strategy

Heather MurrayBack in February, we posted a link to Part 1 of an IABC/Calgary interview with our own Heather Murray. The interview went over building a stellar social media strategy that is focused on your audience.

Now in Part 2, Heather gives her advice on how to set your digital content apart from the competition! Here’s a taste:

Connect with your colleagues and ask what they are working on these days. Be interested in how their teams are facing their challenges. The human side of your workplace is exactly what you are looking for – and sometimes those stories are unearthed over casual connections.

As anyone familiar with Communicatto knows Heather is the real brains behind our operation. So head over to the IABC/Calgary blog and read the whole post!

If you’d like to get Heather’s thoughts on some of the digital dilemmas facing your organization and ideas on how to supercharge your digital strategy drop us a line!

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