Target audience: how to create the perfect marketing persona

Target audience: how to create the perfect marketing persona

One of the biggest questions that comes up for content marketers is who am I making this content for? After all, if you’re going to dedicate time and money to creating a killer website, blog and social media presence, you’ve got to make sure that people are actually consuming your content.

A vague notion of who your target audience is isn’t going to help your content marketing strategy – but creating a character or persona will. By taking a broad generalization and developing it into a multidimensional, comprehensive persona (or personas), you’ll be able to see your business through the perspective of your ideal audience. This makes it much easier to provide topical, interesting content that audience will truly value.

If you want to get started on narrowing down your target persona, check out our infographic below for ideas and inspiration.

Who is your target audience?

digital marketing target audience infographic

When it comes to content marketing, simply having a vague understanding of your audience isn’t enough. Your business serves a unique purpose; your ideal audience is just as unique. By creating clear, detailed personas for those audience members, connecting with them will become unbelievably simpler.

CoSchedule has tons of information on creating marketing personas.

Search Engine Journal also has great tips on understanding your audience.

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