The value of video advertising in 2021

The value of video advertising in 2021

It’s a brand new year with brand new possibilities! One of our favourite things to do is predict what trends will top 2021.

One trend that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue is video advertising!

Take, for example, this list of predictions from 17 different marketing experts compiled by Influencive. Video marketing comes up over and over again:

“Show up massively with quality content, but don’t forget to have fun, your followers want more joy in their life. Visibility, video, value and being more vibrant will win in 2021!” – Crissy Conner, The Visibility Queen

“I predict that leveraging video content to connect, support and entertain your followers and customers will be key for business success in 2021.” – Dennis Lenhardt, Dennis Lenhardt Marketing

“I believe it is going to be very important to use video in your marketing strategy for 2021.” – Candace Alley, Greater Heights Solution

“Video Content and Mobile-optimized Content are two strong trends that if you invest in now as a business owner, the ROI for your investment will pay off in both the short term and the long term with a well thought out content strategy[.]” – Megan Flanagan, 609 Media

At Communicatto, we’ve seen how effective video advertising can be.

Use video marketing to maximize your exposure

One of our clients who does not usually create video content recently invested a bunch of resources into developing a well-done video interview. Our talented Director of Content and Strategy, Heather Murray, suggested taking that video and breaking it into clips that could be used for some video advertising.

Heather’s suggestion created a new content opportunity for the client. It also repurposed content in which they had invested significant resources to boost the number of marketing assets they had available.

This approach to doing more with less is a key way to make your dollars go the distance in 2021. And the client’s outcomes were outstanding!

The views on the videos ads were through the roof compared to other advertising content. The client tapped into a new audience on Instagram with the ads. And the click-through rate (percentage of people who saw the videos and clicked through to the client’s website) was also noitceably higher and came in at a very competitive cost for the client.

This just goes to show the advantage of video advertising in your digital marketing. And as we’ve described before, creating video content is easier than ever.

If you’d like to hear more about how we can help you maximize your marketing in 2021, drop us a line!

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