Web-based fundraising: How to invest in your cause

Web-based fundraising: How to invest in your cause

If there’s one thing that fuels every nonprofit, it’s dedication. In order to achieve their missions, nonprofits must prioritize their time and resources carefully.

And when you’re trying to make the world a better place, single-handedly perfecting your digital marketing strategy isn’t always doable.

That’s why outsourcing certain aspects of your marketing can make a world of difference for web-based fundraising. When Inn From The Cold (IFTC) wanted to boost their web-based fundraising efforts, they came to us for support. Keep reading to find out how we helped them revamp their digital strategy!

How we helped IFTC boost their web-based fundraising:

Focusing on digital ads

IFTC is on a mission to end family homelessness. They help people gain access to shelter, housing, and coordinate support to help children and their families achieve independence.

The work they do is incredible, but they knew they needed help themselves. So IFTC contacted us to expand their digital advertising strategy.

Digital advertising is a potent tool for nonprofits that want to focus on fundraising and donor acquisition. Targeting features can help deliver ads to the right audience. Analytics allow nonprofits to measure their success and make adjustments to their ad strategy when necessary.

The opportunity to optimize is what makes a good digital ad strategy so potent – and can result in an incredible return on investment.

web-based fundraising storytelling techniques

Testing out effective nonprofit storytelling techniques

While IFTC knew digital advertising would be key for their mission, their ads needed to tell a powerful story. Donors want to feel emotionally invested before they financially invest in a nonprofit.

So we told the story of IFTC’s all-important impact on the lives of Calgarians. The stories were both inspiring and relatable; people from all walks of life experience homelessness. While keeping privacy in mind, our ad campaign highlighted the people IFTC has helped, and the impact they’ve made. Donors clearly wanted to play a part in those success stories – which was great news for everyone in need of IFTC’s services.

Streamlining the web-based fundraising process

Convincing people to donate is the first step; nonprofits must also ensure the donation process is quick and easy.

We helped IFTC streamline this process by creating a microsite. This site serves as a landing page for ads, and also provides:

  • Real examples of people IFTC has helped
  • Statistics on their success stories
  • Opportunities to subscribe to IFTC’s email list (so donors can stay in the loop)


Ultimately, the microsite expands on the storytelling elements of IFTC’s ad strategy. It also included strong calls to action that are impossible for potential donors to overlook.

web-based fundraising for nonprofits success stories

Measuring success

After focusing on storytelling and streamlining the donation process, IFTC’s digital ads paid off. Not only did they raise money for their all-important cause, but they also helped to acquire new donor leads and generated nonprofit brand awareness.

Plus, IFTC paved the way for future success – that microsite will come in handy for years to come.

The opportunity to help nonprofits like IFTC is a major privilege. We love using our digital expertise to help a great cause!

If your nonprofit needs help in the digital marketing realm, get in touch with us.

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