Web writing that grabs the reader — blogging basics

Web writing that grabs the reader — blogging basics

This is part two of our ‘Blogging basics’ series – a look at everything you need to know to take on the role of online publisher and sharpen your web writing.

Web writing must cater to the time constraints of our mile-a-minute society. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day – readers won’t spend their free time consuming just any blog. And our increasingly short attention span further complicates things. A recent study by Microsoft indicates the average human attention span has dropped to just eight seconds. If you want to win your readers’ attention you better do it fast.

Much of the race is won in the writing. Writing for the web differs from traditional print media; there are several best practices bloggers must understand in order to maintain a loyal audience.

To find out what those best practices are, check out our web writing presentation:



Need to get the hang of blogging lingo? Take a look at our post on the weird web words of blogging.

Bloggers often struggle to create an engaging tone for their posts – check out our first ‘Blogging basics’ post on finding the right tone for your blog.

If you’re having a hard time with headlines, CoSchedule has a great headline analyzer to help you hit your mark.

Next week in this ‘Blogging basics’ series we’ll share some tips for streamlining the publishing process for your blog.

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