What is Web Accessibility and why should you care about it? (Part 2)

What is Web Accessibility and why should you care about it? (Part 2)

storytellingLast week, Director of Advertising here at Communicatto, Robin Eldred, and I started talking about Web Accessibility.

Robin gave us a good overview of what Web Accessibility is and some ways of looking at accessibility online that might not have occurred to us before.

In Part 2, Robin and I talk about why you/your organization should pay attention to how accessible your website or other online platforms are.


You can find a listing of some famous Web Accessibility lawsuits at the following link — it includes people/companies like:

  • Beyonce
  • Harvard
  • Burger King
  • Nike
  • Dominos
  • Fox News


The Top 10 Most Notable ADA Website Compliance Lawsuits (Updated for 2019)

Wanna not get sued? We at Communicatto are also fans of not getting sued! But we’re even bigger fans of Robin’s first reason for making sure your website is accessible: it’s the right thing to do.

Communicatto can help make sure you’re ready to go for the New Year by doing a digital audit that includes your website and all your digital platforms. Give us a call to make sure your digital marketing is ready to take off and fly right in 2020!

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