Wiring your website with the correct colours

Wiring your website with the correct colours

Has a website ever elicited a specific emotion from you? Sometimes it doesn’t even have to do with the words or imagery you’re looking at — you just feel a certain way looking at the site.

Emotions are powerful. Effective marketing often relies on tapping into an emotional response. And there are many different factors involved in creating the response you’re looking for from your website, including the colours you use.

The connection between colours and emotions in websites and design is fascinating and complicated stuff. Thankfully, professional design agency Artwork Abode authored a thorough and informative post on The Science of Colors in Design you can check out.

Studies have shown that while a black and white image can hold someone’s attention for less than two-thirds of a second, an image with color can hold attention for more than two seconds.

Designers must be well aware of the science of colors in design as well as the science behind colors in marketing to create meaningful designs.

You can use colour on your website to trigger powerful emotional responses

At Communicatto, our focus is on building a website that looks great while also meeting your organizational goals.

Our team’s craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure we build the site that’s right for you, not a cookie-cutter being used by everyone else.

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