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Turbocharged Digital Marketing

If you want: more lift from your social media plan; to take your website to new heights; to run ads that work; to get on Google’s radar; timely reports and analysis on your performance; or a professional speaker, then you need Communicatto!

Startegy Hub and Spoke

You need a plane, a crew, a flight plan, fuel and instruments. Our proprietary, in-depth planning system identifies your target audiences, objectives, strategic approach, appropriate channels, engagement tactics, resources required, and success metrics.

Communicatto can help you get your social/digital media off the ground in 5 easy steps:

  1. Pre-flight planning, discovery and research
  2. Flight plan development
  3. Takeoff
  4. Air traffic control
  5. Post flight debrief

You can count on Communicatto to help plan your flight and keep you in the air. Meaning, we know how to get you to your digital destination.

Company News

It’s the new way of marketing. We’ll tell your stories with passion and enthusiasm and always from a person’s point of view. Our robust editorial workflow provides plenty of checks and balances before a story takes flight. We know how to mitigate risk while keeping it lively, and yes, we understand investor relations and disclosure too, so your CFO can sleep at night.

We craft compelling content (text, images, video, audio) that generates clicks, views, conversation, and conversions using this 7-step process:

  1. Content brainstorm
  2. Key word research
  3. Editorial calendar creation
  4. Interviewing and writing
  5. Proof and publish
  6. Syndicate and share
  7. Measure and refine

Communicatto is your trusted outsourced corporate newsroom.

Speech Bubbles

There’s no point creating content if there’s no audience. These days there’s no audience without conversation (some of it heated). We have extensive experience in representing organizations in the daily turbulence of social media. The good, the bad, and the ugly – we’re prepared for any eventuality.

Here are 11 steps for a smooth social media flight:

  1. Post daily (at least weekdays) on the channels your target audience uses
  2. Respond within one business day, even if just to say you’re looking into it
  3. Be a welcoming, say hello and be pleasant
  4. Encourage conversation and diverse, respectful opinions
  5. Treat detractors with respect, let them speak if they are polite
  6. Publish community guidelines for all to see what you will and will not tolerate
  7. Don’t tolerate misbehaviour, but do give people a chance to “say what they meant” but more politely
  8. Show humanity, personality, and (cautious) humour in your responses, don’t just cut and paste the corporate line
  9. Correct and deflect using links from your blog or site as often as possible
  10. Monitor the conversations around your topic including hashtags, influential people and blogs, and relevant pages
  11. Set the example by being nice, not a robot or censor or propagandist

Communicatto has built large audiences and millions of impressions for many clients, enjoyed lots of great conversations, educated and informed some folks, and taken the keys away from others. We will get you to your destination safe and sound. Now buckle up!

Responsive Advertising

A good mix of paid, owned, earned and social media advertising is the best way to build traffic to your website and to convert visitors into investors, applicants, or supporters. Our comprehensive campaign planning, monitoring and optimizing processes ensure you get the most bang for your buck – which is tech talk for highest click-through rates at the lowest cost per click.

8 things you need to know about digital advertising:

  1. Pick channels by demographics
  2. Always use a landing page, not your home page
  3. Boldly promote conversion points (calls to action) on your landing page
  4. Try A/B testing to gain performance intelligence
  5. Install measurement code at every stage of the process
  6. Evaluate click-through behaviour – do they bounce?
  7. Optimize the campaign in real time, on the fly
  8. Debrief and improve

Traditional agencies simply dump your money into “spray and pray” campaigns that lead to your home page. We would never be so wasteful. And we can back our claims up with analytics.

Google Analytics

The boss likes pie charts. The board likes proof of ROI. The engineers want concrete measures. Fear not – our monthly analytics and reporting service and our Quarterly Health Checks will keep you on your flight path with minimal turbulence and plenty of chances to course correct so your career path is smooth too!

5 things you need to know to measure success:

  1. Are you reaching anyone?
  2. Are they consuming your content?
  3. Are they taking “social action” on your content?
  4. Does the content draw them (further) into your site?
  5. Do they “convert” in a way that helps your business?

We’re into what we call “scientific marketing”. Forget fluffy terms like “return on engagement”, we set out to have your audience do something useful. And we quantify that to better manage your performance.

SEO Defined

How will the public, investors, media or candidates find you if your website isn’t optimized?

What if your competition is digitally outperforming you, or worse, poaching your name? The solution is search engine optimization (SEO). From SEO audits to strategy and website tuning, we’ll get you back on Google’s radar, in a good way.

5 critical SEO factors you need to consider:

  1. Fresh content, continuously
  2. Social action – the audience must act upon the content
  3. Cross linking on natural language, non-generic phrases
  4. Back linking from authoritative and relevant sites
  5. Site and page structure

Low or no Google presence means a potential loss of 50% – 66% of your traffic. That could be fatal! Don’t settle for page three of the search results. Get a boost in search engine performance with Communicatto’s SEO audit, assessment, strategy, training and content services.

Web Design Wireframe

But what if that hub is broken? Or congested? Or just old, dingy and boring? A quick audit can root out any issues and then you can decide on the facts whether your site needs a redesign, a rewrite, or a rebuild. Your website is the first impression you give to others. We’ll ensure it’s a solid reflection of your brand and culture.

9 questions to ask about your website:

  1. Does it attract qualified traffic?
  2. Do they stick around or bail immediately?
  3. What sections or pages do they like? Ignore?
  4. Does it show up in Google, or is it invisible?
  5. Is it well written (for humans and search engines)?
  6. Is it easy for the audience to use?
  7. Is it easy for staff to use?
  8. Is it structurally sound, on a good content management system?
  9. Does it lead users to support the business through “conversion points”?

If you answered no, or “I don’t know” to any of the above, it may be time for a web audit and assessment. Think of it like a plane inspection prior to takeoff. Why risk engine failure when a quick check will do?

Doug Lacombe

Doug Lacombe, President

Digital marketing is a hot topic for conferences, seminars, and in-house training. If you need an entertaining, knowledgeable presenter to pilot your group through digital airspace, Communicatto can help.

We have extensive experience presenting as:

  • Conference keynote speakers on social media
  • Digital strategy workshop presenters
  • Executive briefing facilitators
  • Better blogging and web writing coaches
  • Content marketing brainstorm organizers
  • And much, much more!

Our team of digital media experts is ready to educate, inform and amuse your audience. Book a Communicatto presentation customized to your industry or audience.

Speaker Profile – Doug Lacombe